KitWai Instruction Manual

KitWai is a software stack for cloud-based big data analytics platform. It provides self-configured, on-demand, and scalable computing resources for big data processing such as Spark or Elasticsearch clusters.

This instruction manual provides an illustrative examples to use KitWai cloud computing platform.

For more information, contact kitwai at nectec dot or dot th

Spark Basics

This section provides a step-by-step from launching a cluster to training and deploying an ML model using Spark. It requires a basic knowledge of Linux commands plus some background knowledge on data mining/machine learning.

  1. Overview
  2. Login to KitWai and Import KeyPair
  3. Launch a Spark Cluster
  4. Verify and Check Spark Cluster Status
  5. Train a Machine Learning Model with Jupyter Notebook
  6. Terminate Spark Cluster after Use

Other Tasks


Example Usage

Spark Streaming

Example Usage

Storing and Exploring Data with ELK Stack

Use the ELK (Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana) stack to store, explore and visualize data.

  1. Launch an ELK Cluster
  2. Scale an ELK Cluster
  3. Using Logstash to Ingest Data
  4. Import and Export Data in Batch

Example Usage

Specific Tasks

Additional Topics

Further Readings